Sound Design and Music for Film, Radio Plays and Theatre

„My world is sound“
Helen Neikes – SOUNDWEAVER Berlin


Sound, music and instruments have always been integral to my life.

My fascination with sound began in childhood using numerous cassette recorders, progressed to live acts with synthesizers run by Atari’s, to silent film scores, compositions for children’s theatre and radio plays, through to my current work since 2004, as a sound designer.

I’ve worked on numerous and varied TV and feature film productions. I’m passionate about TV and feature-length documentaries and am constantly inspired by directors who devote themselves to important and real-life issues.

I also mix many of the TV films that I’ve designed the sound for. Hence, as a sound designer, I inherently understand the elements that are required and succeed for a professional mix. My work is also characterized by exceptional mix preparation.

My over 20 years of experience as a bass player in live bands and preoccupation with electronic music and sound synthesis have influenced my compositions. My music is inspired by new sounds and is often spontaneous: atmospherically orchestrated with tension and energy thanks to sound layering, supplemented by the use of acoustic instruments, and if required, interwoven with sound design elements and manic driving beats.


Sound Design (Cinema & TV)

Sound Mixing (TV)

Music & Soundscape Composition, also in 5.1

Inclusion of Sound Design Elements in Music Composition

Original Soundtrack Editing & Restoration

Foley Editing

Voice Recordings

Long-term Collaborations with Studios, Colleagues & Sound Artists


Selected Projects

Full CV on crew united

NOT a Rock-Doc

Documentary, Cinema,  90 min
[sound design & mix]

Adam und Ida

Documentary, TV,  90 min
[sound design & mix]

Slahi und seine Folterer

Documentary, TV,  90 min
[sound design]

Ein Tag im August-Mauerbau ’61

Documentary, TV,  90 min
[sound design & mix]–mauerbau-61-100.html

Kinder des Krieges

Documentary, TV,  90 min
[sound design & mix]

Berlin Ecke Bundesplatz

Documentary Series for TV, 9 Episodes of 90 min
[sound design & mix]

Parchim International

Feature-length Documentary
[sound design]

Urmila – My Memory is my Power

Feature-length Documentary
[sound design]
Urmila – my memory is my power

Papa Gold

Drama/Comedy Feature Film
[sound design and mix]

Terra X 24 Stunden, ZDF

Documentary Series for TV, 6 x 45 min (largely docudrama scenes)
[sound design and mix]


Feature-length Documentary
[sound design]

Im Land der Täter

2-part TV Documentary Series (2 x 45 min)
[sound design and mix]

Two Scores for the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre:

Mark Twain | Die Abenteuer des schneeweißen Hasen Purzel

Der Kleine Dings aus dem All

Radio Play – a children’s science fiction based on the books by Martin Klein
[composition, sound design and mix]


Pro Tools Ultimate (Mac Pro)

Neumann 5.1 System

Digital Mixer

Numerous Plug-ins for Sound Restoration & Design

Extensive Sound Library

Instruments & Sound Generators to Create Unique Sound Design: Electric Bass, Guitar, Turkish Saz, Drum Recordings also possible

SOUNDWEAVER – Helen Neikes


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